Here are some of the various hotels, websites, and other tools I commonly use.


  • – Allows users to search mutiple airlines & travel companies to find the best price. I like this because Fly does the searching on Orbitz, Travelocity, etc. for you so you do not need to run the searches yourself.
  • – Does similar multi-site searching like Advantage is it does searching near by airports better than Fly, so you can see even more options. Disadvantage is the flight options returned seem to be a little more expensive, I am not sure what causes this. Maybe Kayak does not search as many websites as Fly.


  • TravelWiki – Decently written, high level travel advice. The information can be contributed by anyone, but the site does have some level of accuracy checks applied, so it is more reliable than Trip Adviser
  • Trip Adviser - I have just started using this site. From what I can tell, it is mostly a forum for people to present their travel questions and other experienced travelers to answer them. Like any question & answer forum, the information provided is heavily tainted by the advisers opinions and personal experiences. This is not a bad thing, but it does mean there is often lots of conflicting information. In addition to travel advice, Trip Adviser also does searching for flights and hotels, which can make it a unique one stop location for travel planning. The prices returned for flights, hotels, etc. seem to be in line with Fly & Kayak.


  • – updates on free/cheap events going on in the greatest city in the world

Blogs - My buddy Chris’ blog. He has traveled a lot in Asian & the Pacific Islands if you are interested in that.

Nothing Untoward – My college roommate Heather’s blog. She is super mom and a fun and wonderful person