Galapagos & Chile

Here is what I did in December 2012 & January 2013 while in the Galapagos & Chile. Please egnore the horrible editing, grammer, etc. I wrote these out as notes on my iphone while I was on vacation and I am too lazy to bother to fill in the days/correct them…

12/19 – Fly to Lima. We took LAN so the planes were nice and the whole trip far more comfortable than if we had taken an American airline like United.

12/20 – Fly to Quito, check in to hotel, walk around area we stayed, get dinner at BBQ & Co. We are staying at Nu House hotel in Quito’s La Mariscal district. This area is Quito’s arts & entertainment distrct and a great place to stay.

12/21 – Go to old town, see president’s house and money museum, pass by a restaurant called Texas Chicken, eat lunch at The Magic Bean (it is very disappointing since they no longer offer pancake hour), rest, have dinner at Italian place near hotel.

12/22 – take train to machachi, get really fun tour of farm that includes delicious home made lunch. Train is a big deal, the children in the small towns all run out to meet the train and there is lots of waving. Take train back and eat at plaza near hotel for dinner. Get free drinks before dinner and bucket of beer with nachos.

12/23 – get up waaay early and fly to Galapagos. Meet up with tour and drop stuff at boat. Go to tortoise breeding site. Some were HUGE like small vw bugs. Have dinner on boat. Food is ok, better than expected but not great. Had spaghetti for lunch and fish for dinner.

12/24 – Christmas Eve. Took boats out to natural bridge. Saw lots of birds. Went to beach in late morning. Saw baby seals! Sooo cute. Nice beaches. In afternoon snorkeled with sharks. Galapagos shark, white tipped shark and black tipped shark. Also sea turtles. Lunch was ok with awesome chocolate dessert. Dinner ok too, nothing super special. Mom got vinegar beer. It was hilarious, she cracked open the beer, took a big swig and almost did a spit-take. I would not drink the beer but it smelled horrible, like vinegar.

12/25 – Christmas! Went snorkeling in morning, swam with sea lions. Went to beach with sea lion breeding. So many baby sea lions playing in water near shore. At the beach there were also funny mocking birds that want after your water bottles. In late afternoon went to island and saw dancing albatross, NASCAR and blue footed boobies and sea iguanas! So cool to see iguanas swim.

12/26 – skipped snorkeling in AM since going again in afternoon. Went to another island with sea lions breeding and iguanas. These were black and red. Also saw flamingos and sea turtles on land since the turtles had come up to lay eggs. Saw turtles stacked for mating. In afternoon went to post office and snorkeling and swam with sea turtles and penguins. Awesome! In evening went into town. Could not find flag towel. Very sad.

12/27 – Went to Darwin center and saw turtles and where lonesome George lived. Flew back to Quito. Got bad news and did not feel like doing much rest of night. San Jose state won a bowl game. WTF?

12/28 – Took tour of Quito. Saw statue at top of hill, basilica and gold church. Went to Intinan Museum, center of the world. Fun with physics! I could not get the egg to stand, but Katy did. Had dinner at fancy restaurant. Went shopping with mom in afternoon. Tried cuy (guinea pig), it was not very good. It is tough and tastes like pig knuckle.

12/29 – got up early, flew to Santiago. Had yummy pizza. Walked to PwC. Tried to get dinner but had no money. Went to bed.

12/30 – Family BPin the AM. Tried to get Evan from the airport and failed. Stole wifi from ice cream shop. Packed and went to lunch at Indomita Winery. Lunch was great, wine OK, dessert amazing. Lovely view of valley. Drove to Valpo. Apartment has great view, saw dolphins from window. We are on the 19th floor. Had second Christmas. Evan liked Easter Island legos I gave him. Met Liam and Jules. Liams mom is chef and he made great dinner. Tried to use Internet to watch important cowboys game but Internet did not work. I am staying in a claustrophobic bedroom.

12/31 – Cowboys lost but Liam made pancakes with cinnamon & lemon zest. Family went for 10K walk through Valpo. Saw the pirate bar and had churrimoto. Also went for a Funicular ride. Pork with prunes for dinner, yum. Learned that Pisco is just un-aged brandy. Kiwi Liam shared his special kiwi ice cream. Traded yellow underwear and funny hats. Watched the extra amazing Valpo fireworks!!!

1/1 – Lazy morning. Drove around bay. Walked and got beer. Went to fancy dinner at La Conception. Packed to get ready for trip.

1/2 – drive 300+ miles to Punta Los Chorros. Had to drive through Chile desert and 40K of crazy gravel road. Go for walk along beach. Had Locos (they were OK but not worth the fuss, a lot like abalone) and great empanadas . In the evening we just sat on porch of cabana drinking and looking at ocean. Go for walk along beach. Lots of bad dreams, wish I was not sleeping alone.

1/3 – Morning run on beach. Ocean tour, saw: dolphins, tons of birds, penguins, stinky sea lions, sea otters. Got more empanadas and beer for lunch. Chill at cabana. Sunburn. Fried fish and beer for dinner. All meals at same restaurant, one of only two restaurant in town and the other one was never open. Read and watch supernatural at night. Gaze at stars!!! More stars than I have ever seen anywhere in my life. Looking up at them gave me vertigo there were so many.

1/4 – Morning run along beach. Drive 400 miles to Santiago. Eat tasty empanadas and see vicuña on the way. Meet Katy for feeding flamingos and drinking pisco sours in the centennial park. Totally drunk. Go to Spanish restaurant for dinner. Get home, kill gingerbread boy.

1/5 – Walk to brunch in Barrio Italia. Eat brunch. Crazy homeless dude. Walk to plaza de armis. See church and artists. Walk to Los Domingo’s. have a beer. Walk back to apartment, see larpers on the way. Haha, nerds. Go to lastaria for dinner. Dog fight. So sad. Have OK dinner. Watch football.

1/6 – Go to Santa Rita Winery for wine tour and delicious lunch. Pick up turkey. Go to surprise makeup event for Xmas gift from Katy. I looked good. BBQ at apartment for dinner. Watch football and dumb movie.

1/7 – Hike Santa Cruz mountain with dad. Get adopted by dog. Try and have pizza for lunch but not open until 1 so have sushi. Go to Los Domingo’s. Have turkey dinner and pie. Try and name Liam’s kid. Watch BCS bowl game.

1/8 -Bad dreams, wake up to bunnies! Try and find cultural museum, epic fail. Hike hill. Are you Chilean? impossible! Pick up makeup, victor on Chilean time. Dad gets pooped on. Get yummy pizza for lunch. Go to PwC and meet Katy. Go to W for pisco sours. Get Italian food for dinner. Try and get ice cream, fail.

1/9 – Last day in Chile. Get fabulous haircut from world famous hair guy. Dude is crazy for his cat. Enjoy drinks out and then head to airport. Byebye Chile.

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