I Have Returned

Hello Poor Neglected Blog,

Did you miss me?

Since I last wrote, I have been to/done the following:

  • Galapagos Islands – amazing! Island cruise is the way to go
  • Chile – Valpo for New Years, Punta Los Chorros (try the locos), Santiago & surrounding wine country
  • Tahoe – skiing at North Star, yummy food
  • Attended many a free whisky & bourbon tasting event in SF
  • Become a founding member in the first San Jose Beer Co-Op (i.e. I am going to be a partial owner in a bar)
  • Discovered SFfuncheap.com

I am currently planning another trip to South America where we will hike Machu Picchu, tour the Peruvian Amazon and visit Iguazu falls. I am also going to an event at the SF Academy of Sciences tonight, Tahoe next weekend and possibly Vegas the weekend after that. I will try and post about my travels and any adventures soon.


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