Tahoe – Dec 2012

Went to Tahoe last weekend with Susan, Joe and Courtney & Family. It was great fun. Only once in my life can I remember going with someone to see snow for the first time. My family took the daughter of a family friend of ours to Tahoe and I remember laughing as she screamed, “Snow!! Look Snow!! Snow!!” over and over. She was so excited to see snow she could not contain herself.

It was like that last weekend with Courtney’s kiddos. Derek is five and Celeste is three. Neither of the kids were as vocal about their excitement at seeing snow as Catherine had been, but I still got a huge kick out of watching them explore the new substance for the first time. Derek had no concept of what snow would be like, and his first comment when touching it was to express shock that it was not sticky. I guess from pictures the closest thing he could image to snow was paste. Paste is white and sticky and snow is white and must also be sticky. It has been a long time since I have been in a situation where I have been exposed to something so new that I have no other knowledge or experience to build upon. It really is fun to see that wonder of children and learning about the world around you.

Northern California has had lot of rain this year, which generally translates into snow in the Sierras, but not this year. The storms have been coming from Hawaii and have been warm enough that Tahoe is getting rain in the lower elevations. Our cabin, around 6,800 ft, had patches of snow but nothing thick and all of it very hard and icy. We had to go up the Mount Rose highway. Mount Rose is at about 8,000 ft, and has an excellent sledding hill. Good times were had by all.

I stopped writing this and have just returned to my poor neglected blog. I am going to publish this post as is.

Photo taken by my bestie

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