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I am exhausted. Since mid-December I have spent almost no time at home. It started with lots of Christmas holiday activities, then Katy moved home!!!! and now life has just continued with the constant fun. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I could use a good night at home. This is not going to happen, but a girl can dream. For example, in the last 12 days, I have spent one night at home. Having so much fun is exhausting.

One of the fun things I did recently was go to a Shark’s game with my housemate Missy. Missy works at Fibbar’s and one of the suppliers gave the bar tickets to their private box. Missy took me as her hot date and it was AWESOME. I had been in a SJ box once before when I was in high school and through friends of friends scored free tickets to a ZZ-Top concert. That was fun; this was better. The supplier treated everyone to tons of food and alcohol. Plus the Sharks won! It is what I consider a perfect evening.

I am going to another Sharks game tonight (my own season ticket package). My littlest cousin Austin (he is 6’5″) is driving all the way from Tahoe to join me. This will be his first hockey game. I hope he loves it.

Last week I also went to SF for Diana’s birthday. It was a group of 7 of us (all girls) and we went to Lolinda, and Argentinian steak house. The food was great but the best part was the rooftop bar. Our dinner reservation was for 8PM, but we all arrived early to drink and enjoy the view from the fabulous rooftop bar. This has been a very dry and warm winter in CA (sucks to be in the rest of the country which has been having coldest winters on record), and we were able to enjoy the beautiful night with just a light jacket. The whole evening was so great that Katy and I lost track of time and ended up missing our BART/train connection. Joe, being too good for me, agreed to drive all the way from Sunnyvale to the Milbrea BART station to get us. He is too nice.

Happy Birthday Diana (in this photo we all have champagne eyes)

In addition to lots of delicious grilled meat, we also had churros and chocolate. They were delicious but I think they will forever make me slightly sad as they remind me so much of Jason. He was so enthusiastic about the churros & chocolate in Madrid, and one time even made them for Katy for her birthday. It was the nicest birthday gift, made even better by the fact that Jason did not cook and the churros he made were great! I cherish good Jason memories like that one.

Other miscellaneous fun things I have been doing is watching lots of football at Fibbar’s, going to the Rosewood Hotel for fun girl time, working out with friends and the biggest, and most time consuming activity I have been doing, is getting my PADI scuba certification. Last weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent taking scuba “class” and practicing skills in the pool. This weekend I spent the whole time in Monterrey diving in the bay. I got the certification from Pacific Scuba Divers in Sunnyvale. The experience was great, mostly due to my very cool instructor Ken.

This weekend we did two dives Saturday and Sunday; one in the morning and one in the evening. Susan took the class with me, and the weekend would have beaten us, except my wonderful Uncle Joe allowed us to spend Friday and Saturday night at his vacation home in Pacific Grove. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU Uncle Joe. Had it not been for the luxury of getting to sleep at the PG house, we would have had to get up at 6 each morning to drive our asses out to Monterrey, and then drive home all exhausted. I am sure we would have crashed the car.

Diving in Monterrey is cold but totally worth it. We saw the following creatures, plus many more which I can not remember right now: diving birds under the water, sea stars, sea cucumber, octopus, purple colored rock fish, jellyfish, sand dollars, little hermit crabs, some other kind of giant crab… We also saw seals, but those were not in the water with us. I didn’t get to see any sea otters, but hopefully next time.

Staying in PG was also great in itself. It felt like a mini-vaycay. Uncle Joe’s house is lovely and it is walking distance to many tasty restaurants. The restaurants are pricey, but the area is a little touristy, so that is expected. In addition to great food and diving, we also went to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. The Monarchs spend the winter in two main areas, Mexico and the CA coastline. PG has a grove where thousands of butterflies hang out from around October through February. I had never been to the Butterfly Sanctuary and had always wanted to go, so getting to see it made my weekend extra special.

Example of Monarch Butterfly Cluster

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