My Favorite Things To Do In Texas

Here is a list of my favorite things to in Texas:

1. Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream – anyone who has ever had this knows why this is high on the list of best things to do in Texas.

2. Watch Cowboys football

3. Schlitterbaun – the worlds best water park and one of my top 10 days of my life was spent there.

4. The park with the dinosaurs footprints & fossil hunting out in central Texas.

5. Gulf Style Seafood Boil – so gross but so yummy.

6. Austin Nightlife

7. Down Town Denton

8. BBQ – so many great options, I can not limit it to one specific place.

9. Tall Dudes – the guys in Texas are so much taller than on CA.

10. Hang Out With Family – I have a great family and going to Texas allows me to see so many of them.

11. Summer Nights – days that are hot as hell give you beautiful summer nights.

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