Vineyard #5

Over the weekend we re-did the marking out for the vineyard posts. We originally used landscape flags to mark out where we wanted the posts to go, but my naughty puppy figured out that it was fun to rip the flags out of the ground. This time we redid the markings with wooded stakes. These are heavier and get planted further into the ground, so hopefully she will not be able to rip them all out.

For figuring out how to mark out the posts, we determined that it was easiest to determine where the corner posts go, and then work backwards to figure out the placing of everything else. We are doing a 6 by 6 arrangement, 6 feet between rows and 6 feet between vines. Our lot is not quite perfectly North-South aligned, so our rows are running at about a 105 degree angle rather than perfectly 90. I actually prefer this, as I think it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Next weekend we are going to rent an auger to dig the post holes. Hopefully that goes smoothly and we can get all the posts in the ground. After that comes the landscape fabric mulching. I am not looking forward to that part. I did the mulching once several years ago. It was extremely hard work and because I did not use landscape fabric, it did almost nothing against my weeds. This time I should have more help, which will make the job go faster, but I am still bitter about the last time being so un-successful. I am also getting the most heavy duty landscape fabric I can find so that the weeds hopefully never return.


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