Vineyard #4

This weekend I bought the wood for the trellising and Joe and I started to prep it. We purchased 12 4x4s, 11 ’8 round posts and 3 2x4s. All the wood is pressure treated but we still need to treat any part that will be in the ground with sealant. Pressure treated wood with sealant should make for trellising that will last about 20 years. We are in this for the long haul.

We got the wood from Home Depot. We purchased from Home Depot because the prices were in line with the other stores we price checked, but Home Depot has the added benefit of having trucks you can rent for 75 minutes for only $20. Since the boards are all 8 feet long and would not fit in our cars, the ability to rent the truck was a big plus.

After we got the wood home and the truck returned, we went to the local pub for some lunch and football watching. The Cowboys were in true form yesterday and managed to blow an 11 point lead. After the game we returned home and painted on the first coat of sealant. We are using Bear Paint deck sealant. There are many different kinds of deck sealant, and I did not know which to choose, so I went with the one that said it lasts the longest. We have to seal all parts of the posts that will be in the ground. This should help keep the wood dry and delay rotting.

The first coat of sealant is now on the wood. Will will likely do one or two more coats before we put the stakes in the ground. Before we can plant the stakes, we need to till one more time and auger holes. After the stakes are in place, we can order the landscape fabric and mulch.

Here are some pictures of us prepping the wood.




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