SF Fun Times

Last night I went to a Secret Salon event at White Walls. It was free (yay!) and included beer & cocktails and food. There were also artists doing their thing and making art, a poet and a singer. I went with Noah and his friend Zilch and Zilch’s wife Cathy. We had a pretty great time. I got to make a super hero robot dude, watch a pretty good artist make interesting drawings and make some new friends.

Noah & I



Event Goers

photo 2 (1)


Robot Dude – Notice his junk? I left him in the ladies room at the gallery and when I went back later he was gone. Hope he went home with a sexxxy lady.



Tonight I am going back to SF for WhiskyFest #7. I am going with Cathleen. We did this last year and it was a blast. Hundreds of different whiskys, hot dudes in suits, tasty food; it is good times. We are spending the night at the Hotel Palomar. The event is actually at the Marriott, but the rooms there were almost $600 a night. Every other hotel was $200-$350. I have no idea why the Marriott is so much more this weekend. I have stayed at the Marriott before and it is not a great hotel. The Palomar is $330 and across the street from the Marriott, so it should work out well. I have never stayed in the Palomar before, but I will update with my impression & a detailing of WhiskyFest fun times tomorrow.

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