Vineyard #3

The vines are ordered! The total cost is only $306. 25 Syrah and 25 Cab. I paid a deposit of half of that and pay the rest 72 hours after the vines have been delivered. I am very pleased with the price. I saw vines for about $10 a vine at a lot of places, so $6 is almost half that. Woot!

It is busy season and I am going to be busy this weekend, so I doubt I will get a lot done on the yard. I did find out about a local nursery that is going out of business this weekend, and they are having a 40% off everything sale. I am hoping to get over to that sale this weekend to see if they have landscape fabric or anything else I can use.

The next big steps are re-tilling the land and buying the wood for trellising from Home Depot.

I am so excited for my future #homevineyard.

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