New Blog – Woohoo!

Greeting Travelers.

I am Tracy Tripp. I am 31 years old and I have done a fairly significant amount of traveling  over those 31 years. I travel with friends, family and on my own. The purpose of this blog, at least as I see it, is for me to document my fun times and allow other people to benefit from my experiences.

I consider traveling not just what you do on a plane or on a road trip, but any adventure you depart on. My “travels” have taken me to exotic distant locals, but also crazy adventures in my own home town (SF Bay Area!).

I intend to write about my current travels, but also past travels which I wish to document. I also have a blog at . I have documented many of my travels there as well, but I thought it was time I moved on from the LiveJournal lifestyle and create my own space in this virtual universe.

I am currently trying to book a trip to the Galapagos Islands and Santiago, Chile. I will update again when I have more of the deets for that vaycay.


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