Vineyard #2

I started looking into ordering grapevines for spring 2014 for my #homevineyard. I thought doing this 7 or 8 months in advance would be sufficient. I was wrong. A number of the nurseries I have contacted are already sold out.

I have a client who owns a winery and he recommend several nurseries. I reached out to all of them, and the only one that has vines for spring 2014 is Grey Creek. Grey creek seems reputable and nice, and I honestly can not tell one vine supplier from another, so I will likely go with them. Their website kinda sucks, but that does not mean that their vines are not great.

In batches of 25 vines, the vines are $6 each. This will be a total of $300 for my 50 backyard vines. Not a bad price. I wish I could get vines that were already a year or two old, but that seems unlikely. I saw some nurseries out of NY selling two year old vines, but they will not ship into California. Ohwell, can’t have it all.

Vineyard #1

In addition to work and travel, my housemates and I have decided to try and turn our backyard into a mini-vineyard. Currently it is just dirt & weeds. By this time next year I hope it will be trellised, planted and have a a year growth of grapes. Woot!

I feel I should document my progress with the grapes, so that is what I plan to do here.

Over the weekend Joe & I plotted out the vineyard. We have approximately 3,000 sq ft to work with. Vines need to run North-South which puts our rows a little slanted in the backyard. If we did our math correctly, we should be able to get 5 rows with 10 vines and a 6th half row with about 5 vines. That is 55 vines!

Currently we are thinking of going Syrah and Cab grapes. I have seen grapes for as little as $4, but those dealers were out of New York and there was a 50 vine minimum. No idea where I will be getting the grapes from.

This is what we believe we have to do and the approximate timing:

  1. Prep Soil – rent tiller (ASAP)
  2. Order Grapes – delivery and planting of grapes will be in early spring, but we need to get our order in now (ASAP)   :  DONE 09.25.13
  3. Order Posts & Treat – we are going to 4×4 posts from Home Depot or Lowe’s and need to treat the posts with a weather resistant seal (ASAP)  :  DONE 09.30.13
  4. Install Posts – we need to rent an auger and get the darn posts in the ground (October)   :   DONE 11.25.13
  5. Weed Suppression – the backyard has a horrible established weed population. In order to suppress the weeds we are going to put down landscape fabric and mulch (early December) : DONE 06.07.14 – This got delayed because we determined it would be better to plant the grapes first and then add landscape fabric and mulch around the plants.
  6. Trellis – get wires, attachments, etc. to set up trellising (December)
  7. Plant – grapes should come in March   :   DONE 03.14.14

See the different rows?